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Welcome To Bait Al Noor

Bait Al Noor gladly displays the services that our company can and will offer to every client.  Our team is proud with the different assistances we can give with regard to the marble and granite industry that cater to any clientele.  Bait Al Noor is providing an effective and efficient works which guarantee satisfaction to all customers.  We not only make sure that our performance is in accordance to what the clients want but we also make it a point that their needs are always in consideration. We are professional marble company in Dubai.

As a marble contractor, we, in Bait Al Noor deliver services to distinctive clientele located in different places which is mainly in Sharjah and also areas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ajman.  We do not limit ourselves in giving to our customers the best marble and granite services they can avail because our assistance expands varieties and caters all concerns related to our scope of work.  We bring quality in every work with the help of our experienced and capable team which main concern is to only commit satisfaction to all clients.

We Are

Bait Al Noor is a company that specializes in marble and granite works and even in other stone works.  We, as a marble supplier, also offers various assistance in granite works, countertops and even water jet cut design.  Our excellent services as a marble and granite company make us unique in a sense that we tailor our works according to the customers’ demands which are necessary in their respective businesses.

We are a marble company that takes into consideration the perspective of our customers.  Our team value the vision of creating a prime marble supplier of Dubai that surpass the expectations of our clients in every aspect of their businesses.  Through this, we guarantee a good outcome in all projects.  Also, it is our idea to be limitless in delivering an outstanding task so that potential clients would see and understand our dedication.


As a company of excellence, Bait Al Noor started from a respectful business venture which grows now as what it is – a superior marble supplier.  We are rooted to our initial believe, that is to always deliver the best flooring works to all our clientele.  From a humble beginning, we are proud of what our team has achieved for these passed favorable years.

Bait Al Noor is an expert marble and granite company which hands down quality marble tiles and even water jet cutting design services from our initial establishment by the year 2007 up to the recent years.  We are located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates but our assistance go beyond - reaching also the other Emirates.

Our Team

To continuously provide excellent services and to significantly be one of the leading marble companies in UAE, Bait Al Noor make it a point to always be in a loop for talented and capable individuals who would embody what our company stands for.  This is to always be considered as a marble supplier which clientele would go for in any marble needs not only in Dubai but in the whole United Arab Emirates.  We ensure that our team is composed of experts who can deliver and give the outcome fit for any satisfied customers. Most of our designs provided by one of our best customer Aristo Castle Interior Design.


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